My name is Yoko Sakao Ohama.

I was born and raised in New York City (as any native New Yorker will tell you without you asking), spent five sunny California years studying Design|Media Arts and Linguistics at UCLA, and now I live in Brooklyn and work at Etsy as a product designer. 

Along with my friend Kate, I co-host a podcast called So Where Are You From? where we highlight the multifaceted and shared experiences of Asians living in America and beyond. I also used to write a newsletter about online street dance videos. It’s currently on hiatus, but all of the old entries are available to read: Why Aren’t We Dancing? 

My spare time is spent enjoying food, taking dance class, exploring the city, and reading the internet. I really like pandas—I have become the person to whom people will send panda things because they think I will enjoy them. And I do.

Hit me up: @psyoko, pretty much anywhere. Or use this form: